Caribou Curling Club

Curling is one of winter’s few sports that combine exercise and team camaraderie in a relaxing social atmosphere.Curling is enjoyed by over two million Canadians every year.Curling is an amazing and low cost sport for all ages.Children are encouraged to come out and try the junior program.The Caribou Curling Club is equipped to cater to parties, weddings and dinners year round.

Caribou Curling Club


Stephenville Dome

Stephenville Dome

The Stephenville Dome is a state of the art skating arena built in 1999 for the Canada Winter Games.This facility includes an Olympic size ice surface, fully serviced cafeteria, walking track and multi-purpose rooms.

General, adult skating and shinny hockey sessions are also offered throughout the season.


Stephenville Minor Hockey

The Stephenville Minor Hockey Association averages 200 registered participants annually in six age divisions.The boundaries of the Association cover Highlands to the entire Port au Port Peninsula. The old Stephenville Gardens has been replaced with the modern Stephenville Dome.Teams hold a “B” rating provincially and Stephenville still remains a popular place for hosting tournaments.Participants in those early years are now important members of the community.Many support Minor Hockey and assist with fund-raising and coaching.



Stephenville Bud Light Men’s Hockey League

The Stephenville Bud Light Men’s Hockey League play an alternating schedule on Wednesday and Sunday nights at the Stephenville Dome.


Stephenville Skating Club

The Canskate Program is the recommended starting point for all skaters. It is a national learn to skate program that is consistent across the country. The program is designed for all ages with emphasis on participation and fun! It is an excellent program to learn the fundamental skills for all ice sports. Children will learn to skate forward, and backwards, as well as jumping, turning, stopping and spinning.

The Intermediate and Senior Programs offer skaters an opportunity to receive group and private lessons from a nationally certified coach.Skaters work on Skate Canada tests and are evaluated by a judge/evaluator. Skaters.Skaters at this level may enter competitions and will be categorized depending on their level of skill and tests achieved.



Broomball is a fun sport that has been played in Stephenville for years. Broomball is played on the ice with similar rules as hockey but with specialty designed shoes for running on ice.Also sticks and balls are customized to the sport.The main theme of the sport is to have fun while encouraging physical activity.


Regional Aquatic Centre

Aqua Rehabilitation Therapy

Aquatic Rehabilitation accommodates anyone from the person who suffers arthritis, joint ailments, hip or knee replacements, lower back problems to an individual recovering from a heart attack or stroke.More intensive sessions may be initially required for stroke victims.This would also involve training partners to assist in the therapy so it can be delivered on a daily basis.Please note that a private screening / orientation is necessary to start this aquatic rehabilitation


There exist specific objectives for the program:

  • increase range of motion and mobility
  • restore flexibility and strength
  • improve morale through social exercise therapy
  • and gradually restore daily functional ability.


Water Fitness & Aqua Jogging

Water Fitness are considered the more advanced components of the aquatic therapy program.It’s a great way to get and stay in shape.Participants have a choice to either do the exercises in the shallow-end or the deep-end of the pool so swimming skills are not a necessity.It is a great program for anyone and is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience minor joint or back pain.


There are many unique properties that make water an ideal place to exercise:

  • Stimulation of the water around the body provides a massaging effect which distracts from the pain.
  • Buoyancy of the water fully supports the joint and helps control swelling.
  • Pool water temperatures are slightly lower than the body temperature which will aid in reducing swelling and be warm enough to keep muscles relaxed.
  • Water provides resistance in both directions therefore opposing muscles groups work more evenly.
  • In chest deep water you weigh only one tenth your normal weight so movement in water is much easier as compared to exercising on land.
  • Water pressure on the body helps return blood to the heart therefore it doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood and oxygen.


Children and Adult Swim Lessons

The Canadian Red Cross Swim Program emphasizes being water safe, being water active and having fun.Each person will be introduced to the developing swimmer and then proceed to distinctive strokes and water skills.

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available upon request.Private instruction is ideal for those who are having difficulty with a particular stroke technique or to accommodate hectic schedules.


Leadership Courses

The Regional Aquatic Centre offers Life Saving Programs and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Courses.  

Each award is designed to build upon the other. Candidates will develop:

  • good understanding of life saving principles including water rescues.
  • Self discipline and time management
  • Teamwork skills and personal responsibility


General and Lap Swims

The Regional Aquatic Centre offers a variety of lap and general swims year round.For a complete pool schedule call 643-6688.


Competitive Swim Clubs

The Regional Aquatic Centre hosts the Aqua Aces Swim Club and the Island Wahoos.  For more information on contacting coaching staff or for practice schedules please contact the pool at 643-6689.


20150811_095519      20150811_095615

The Bay St. George YMCA is a partnership of volunteers and staff dedicated to promoting the success of individuals, families, and communities by offering YMCA programs that build strength in Spirit, Mind and Body!

The YMCA core values are:






The YMCA is not just a gym, it has something to offer every age group, ability, and skill level. With a wide range of activities currently being offered and new ones being added frequently, there is bound to be something that suits your needs and lifestyle, don’t be afraid to try something new! 

The YMCA wants everyone to have the opportunity to participate. Membership Assistance is available for those who cannot afford the membership fees. Contact the YMCA for further Details.

Follow the link below to check out the Y’s Facebook page which is updated daily with schedules of events and activity information:

Facebook: Bay St. George YMCA


Or feel free to call or drop by at anytime!

Bay St. George YMCA
Building healthy communities
383 Massachusetts Drive
Stephenville, NL, A2N 3A9
Tel: 709.283.9622


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