Recreation is established and supported as a significant contributor to preventive health care. The physical and mental health of individuals within the Bay St. George Region is vastly improved due to the acceptance of the value of physical activity and other healthy leisure living practices. The Town of Stephenville will provide accessibility of a diverse range of recreational services regardless of age, gender, cultural background, physical ability or economic circumstance. For additional information, please visit our facebook page:




The Town of Stephenville believes:

  • recreation and leisure are a fundamental need and will provide a critical foundation for the quality of life and well being.
  • recreation and leisure are an essential social service, embraced the same way as education and health.
  • regular recreation and physical activity provide one of the best means of long term preventive health care thus our facilities are the core delivery agencies.
  • that providing leadership and collaborative efforts involving all facility staff and the community working together towards a common vision are most effective for advancing recreation and leisure.
  • in training opportunities and support of staff and individuals in order to initiate or improve recreation and leisure planning, leadership, programs and services.
  • that assisting the community to work together to embrace and build upon existing strengths will aid in the planning and provision of recreation and leisure services.



To promote active lifestyles for all residents of our region in order to enhance their quality of life and well being.



  • To collect and compile information on existing programs/opportunities
  • To conduct a needs assessment within the community
  • To create a communication system which informs the public about opportunities that exist for active living
  • To invite different groups/organizations to present to the leisure council in order to raise the group’s awareness



  • To provide programming opportunities for seniors
  • To ascertain funding opportunities that might be availed of
  • To upgrade facilities to meet the demands of the programs offered



  • To advocate for egalitarian principles to support individuals who may need assistance.
  • To review ways to support the ongoing activities of groups/organizations in ways other than financial assistance
  • To encourage collaboration between different groups and organizations whose focus is on active living, sport, recreation, etc.